Mar 1

Fred Frost Designs (Tattoos & Artwork) #3

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12 Responses to “Fred Frost Designs (Tattoos & Artwork) #3”

  1. geebabiii says:

    where are you located?? nice art work

  2. geebabiii says:

    where are you located?? nice art work

  3. daGOODkine says:

    2:49 thats my cousin !!

  4. HosiMaterial says:

    phak man ink me up

  5. nateDaOG says:

    awsome tattoos!!..

  6. FALEMAKA says:

    when you coming to sydney australia??

  7. kalaehunnie says:

    fuckin TALENTED!

  8. Sonickru218 says:


  9. kimyoungha808 says:

    hey whats up fred frost aloha from hawaii great and awsome designs…keep
    up the good work…one day i wanna get my tattoo from you…take kea USO..

  10. apples4meh says:

    Amazing. I don’t get how u come up with that stuff. How do you charge

  11. kimyoungha808 says:

    wow i wish i got my tats from Fred Frost…great and awsome tribal work and designed…something i’ve never seen before

  12. dahill253 says:

    these da baddest tribal art work i’ve seen! i wish i got mine done from FRED FROST! Much love USO & GOD bless! & who sing that song playing! HUB CITY BAAY BEH! YAAH! 700

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