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Fairy Tattoo Designs


Fairy tattoos are very popular among women. They are sometimes seen on men as well, but they are very feminine images. At a basic level, women should get a fairy tattoo because it looks very attractive on a feminine figure.

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Many tattoos commonly worn by men don’t look right on women, but fairy tattoos are perfect for women. Although these tattoos are unarguably good looking, it is the symbolism that largely contributes to their popularity.

Fairies are often depicted as being cute and pretty, qualities that attribute to their popularity among women. The association of fairy tales and children taps memories of being a little girl and the rosy lenses through which we view the past. The fairy tattoo can be used by women to convey positive aspects of personality such as warmth, friendliness, and happiness.

It must be noted that in many stories fairies have a mischievous side and are not all sweetness and innocence. Indeed it is this characteristic that often appeals to women with a rebellious streak.