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Curious about sleeve tattoos? They are among the most popular tattoos and, in short, they look awesome. Basically, a sleeve is any tattoo design that covers the majority of the skin on a certain limb so that little to none is left showing through. A tattoo covering the arm from the shoulder to the wrist would be a full sleeve tattoo, while one that stopped at the elbow would be a half sleeve. They are becoming increasingly popular as tattoos become widely accepted and more and more people delve into the culture of body art. With adequate preparation by you and your tattoo artist, sleeves can be a wonderful tattoo. Here is information to help you make a decision about getting sleeved.

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What Is A Sleeve Tattoo?
Sleeve tattoos are usually placed on arms but can also be found on the legs. The reason they are called sleeve tattoos is that they cover the arms like a shirt sleeve would. On eBay, you can even buy “fake sleeves”, which are the sleeves of a shirt printed with an intricate tattoo design.

Popular Designs And Ideas
If you already know what you want, by all means go with that design. However, if you are still thinking, here are some suggested sleeve ideas that enjoy great popularity.

1. Traditional Japanese Designs – a popular idea for sleeve tattoos comes from traditional Japanese designs. Japan has a history of tattoo and the themes of koi fish, samurai, and cherry blossoms can beautifully be interwoven.

2. Floral Patterns – There are a myriad of floral patterns which can be adapted into a sleeve tattoo. Although these tattoos are typically of a more delicate nature, they are not restricted to feminine designs.

3. Celtic Designs – The intricate nature of the interwoven knotwork that characterizes Celtic designs, works well with the sleeve concept. As there is a lot of space to fill, one can even include knotwork animals or calligraphy into the Celtic design.

4. Tribal – Tribal designs spread well over the large canvas of the arm. Guys tend to like the idea as the bold black lines enhance their masculinity and make them look cool. But before you say you want a tribal design, you need to consider both the culture and the style of the tribal design. Many of the world’s indigenous cultures (such as Maori and Hawaiian) developed tattoo designs that have been imitated in modern tattoo art.