Tattoo Designs

Small Tattoo Picture


Small tattoo designs are popular. There are a number of good reasons to choose a small tattoo design over a big one relating to the commitment towards the tattoo. A small tattoo design this is a good way to get started in the world of ink, because it is cheaper, quicker to get, and more discreet. If you are thinking of a small tattoo, keep the following two issues in mind.

tattoo pictures

Tattoo Size
What may seem like an obvious issue actually needs to be considered. Size is relative to the location; what is considered small for the back is considered too large for the wrist or foot. The first consideration is how small should the design really be? For example, a small Japanese Kanji can be made pretty small on the inner wrist. On the other hand, a heart with a name in it needs to be a bit larger. So please think about what you want, and whether it can really be a small tattoo.

Tattoo Detail
The next consideration before going under the needle is the amount of detail in the tattoo. With a smaller tattoo, the recommendation is always to go for less detail. A very small and very intricate tattoo will, in a few years, become nothing more than an expensive ink spot. Unless you are looking for a Rorschach test down the line, you should get something without too much detail. For example, a skull with glassy eyeballs containing the reflection of another skull or a fairy with several little flower blossoms in her hair will not work as a small tattoo. Decide on something simple such as line work or writing, which always work well.