Tattoo Designs

Tiger Tattoo Picture


Since tiger tattoos are typically larger designs (higher commitment), take the time to consider whether the tiger is really right for you. Is it a symbol of your own inner nature? The symbolism of the tiger is open to interpretation: the fierceness of the hunter can be highlighted, indicating strength of character; as a solitary animal in the jungle, tigers are proud and beautiful; the feline features and stripes suggest sensuality; and the oneness with nature represents a form of purity.

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The tiger may arguably be one of the most potent symbols of grace and power. The tiger was once the emblem of Japanese Samurai. Except for the parts of the world where tigers still eat people, the tiger enjoys a wonderful reputation. Because tiger tattoo are so popular, it is likely that a cool design you find may turn out to be very common place. Why risk regretting a generic tattoo, when you can create one that is personal to you?

You should never get a tattoo simply because tattoos are fashionable at the moment. Choose a tattoo which symbolizes something important for you, and you’ll never regret the commitment. Think before your ink!

Now that you’ve settled on a tiger tattoo, you have a wide range of styles to choose from. The following list is not exhaustive, but here are a few excellent ideas for your tiger design:

Tribal tiger. The tiger’s stripes are easily abstracted into the bold markings of a tribal tattoo. The look is very straightforward and simple, but also very powerful and masculine. Only go for this, if you are a tiger.

Dragon/Tiger tattoo. The ancient Chinese concept of Yin/Yang provides grounding for a pair of opposing entities. The protective dragon represents female energy (Yin) while the tiger’s strength is an example of male energy (Yang).

Flower tattoos. The use of Japanese flowers with a tiger adds elegance and grace to soften the feral nature of a tiger and makes a very attractive design.