Tattoo Designs

Tribal Tattoo Picture


Tribal tattoos have become very popular of late, no longer restricted to the cultures from which they developed. Yet a person wanting a tribal tattoo doesn’t have to forgo the modern images. A modern tattoo can be combined with a tribal tattoo. The combination can equally emphasize the two styles, or more emphasis can fall on one or the other.

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Many individuals have elaborated on an extant tattoo by enveloping it in a tribal design. The tribal tattoo, serving as a sort of frame, can make the older tattoo look more pronounced.

The blending of tribal and modern tattoos can be done with great results. Imagine you modern design and now surround it with a tribal pattern. Ask your artist to draw them together to see if there is harmony. Select a design that goes well with the tribal look, and make sure it is large enough to balance out the framing. A strong tribal design can overwhelm the tattoo it frames.

The tribal design doesn’t have to be just a frame for another artwork; it can stand on its own by incorporating tribal elements into the design and effectively merging the two styles.

In general, it is better to incorporate a figure design into the tribal tattoo. Starting with an old school tattoo and adding a tribal tattoo rarely works out quite rightly, and it also tends weaken the traditional look. The famous sailor tat of a naked woman is too strong an image on its own to consider mixing it with a tribal design. But feel free to try out different styles of traditional tattoos to find out if any will work for you.