Tattoo Designs

Legs Tattoos


There are literally thousands of options for placement of a leg tattoo. The size and shape of your ultimate tattoo choice will limit where you can place the design. Whether you want to place the tattoo on your ankle, calf, knee or thigh tattoo is not the most important point. As we all know that you will want to find exactly what will look good on your particular body.


We are now easier to find quality leg tattoo artwork and designs. Spending thoughtful time when selecting your leg tattoo will pay off in the end. Spending quality searching time for a leg tattoo will let you become a happy tattooed person. Although you cannot find a leg tattoo which is totally the same as what you want, you can find a certain piece of artwork or design which is perfect for you. If you bring those pieces to your tattoo artist, he/she will be very helpful to ink it onto your particular body. One advantage of choosing leg tattoos is that they are very easy to hide and show off. It depends on the pants or skirt you wear. If you want to show them off, you can choose a short skirt. You can also hide them up with long dress when you go to work. It’s so flexible, visible or invisible is just up to you.

Another advantage for getting leg tattoo is that they are easy for your tattoo artist to draw and sketch. It is because there are not many contours and curves on your legs. Your tattoo artist can get his/her best work on a semi-flat surface. It will not take long to complete the tattooing.

One more great advantage of having leg tattoo is the longevity. How much sunlight the tattoo will receive and how much bending it will have to endure will affect its longevity. Unlike your other body part, legs do not see the sun very often. Bending is another key thing to the life of a tattoo, in which a thigh tattoo can avoid. It does not bend very much. This is the reason why people seldom choose the tattoo on knee. Lots of bending and folding will create a “blending” effect on your tattoo artwork. I think you now know why sometimes you can see a blurry tattoo in somebody.